I Know My IG Reminds You Of This..

You Know.. My Era. 👑✨

All Eras Aren’t Created Equal..
That’s Why I’m Proud 2B From This One. 👑✨

These days, western music has the rhythm of Atari games so where tf is that gonna take you other than back to kindergarten? One day these suckaz may Wake Up.. but until then we still got them bomb memories of #TheGoldenEra.. 🌴✨

"But Let Me Tell You One Thing I’m Not.."

They Don’t Know Wut a Golden Era Is.. 🌴✨

I Asked Nate Dogg If He Liked Today’s West..

#TBT: Where Did We Go Wrong..?
U mean to tell me yall would much rather listen to a bunch of mumble mouthed MFs with no real content, who can’t dress and have the personalities of sloths.. than this real West Coast shxt? I’ll down an en entire bottle of Tanqueray to the head before that’s my reality.

#TBT: Before Cali Music Went To Shxt.. 🌴✨

#TBT: When The West Had It Good.. 🌴✨

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