It’s funny to hear fools that were barely even born during Hip Hop’s #GoldenEra speak up on it so absolute.. Get a clue, you can’t just watch these classics and think you can imitate this magic.. it’s not that Eazy. 👑✨

#Inglewood Shxt is Foe Life.. 👑✨

Sunday Funk.. 🌴✨

You Nxggaz Made a Mistake.. 👑✨

I’m Alwayz On That Otha Shxt.. 🌴✨

And Let That Real Shxt Provoke..

The Tag-Team Champs on a #Dre beat.
#NateDogg #ShadeSheist #GFUNKISFOREVER 👑✨

The Hardest Regardless.. 👑✨

Forgive me for being biased but I learned from public schooling.. that taught us only one side of history.. So I won’t be teaching anything but #Classics. 👑✨

I remember the days of sittin next to my boombox, finger on the [Rec] button to catch my favorite song on the radio to have forever (or at least until the album dropped lol). Those were the days of #Classics.. These days I much rather break my radio than listen to the BS it emits.

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